Vision on Dutch labor market in 2011

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Utrecht, January 8th, 2011 - During the first quarter of this new year, we will expand on the following trends & developments in the Dutch labor market.

  • The war on talent will return - with great intensity;
  • This year, the impact of the so-called 'baby boom' will be omnipresent;
  • Especially IT services and consultancy firms, that have taken very impopular measures over the past years, will be hit hard. It will be very challengingto attract and hire new talents. Internet's long term memory will be tough to beat;
  • Companies will start campaigns to monitor and improve their online corporate image;
  • Chances for the ever more vital 50+ years old job hunters will increase on the labor market;
  • The traditional job sites will become less important, and will be replaced by web portals, that will offer a multitude of services to its target audiences, including separate platforms for job hunters;
  • Corporations will exploit recruitment agencies to the fullest, and put much more emphasis on the selection power of such agencies. CV-pushers will experience fierce competition.
  • Job hunters will exploit search portals as well as social media to find new jobs;
  • Use of social media for recruitment purposes will become common and much more professional;
  • As of today, online recruitment will exploit all capabilities of smartphones.


G.J. Hondelink


21-10-2011 10:22 PM


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