Business goals unachievable due to shortage of ICT skills

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Utrecht, January 23, 2011 - Untill the end of 2012 20% of the largest enterprises in the Netherlands will not be able to achieve its business critical objectives due to the structural shortage of IT professionals. Defining new business rules using information technology based upon old presumptionswith regard to people, crew and personnel planning represents a business risk.This issue is not just a challenge for the CIO; it belongs at the top of any senior executives priority list.
Recruitment is not just about quantity, more so about quality (talent). Hans Warmerdam addressing candidates: "Maintain your knowledge and skills, invest in education, mentoring, and coaching." And he hints to human capital management: "List and specify your human capital,keep an eye on work/life balance, training & education, career and talent development, and of course, competencies. Say good-bye to non-performancers in time."
According to Edu van Bienema, the biggest challenge for the years to come will be searching for the right mix of skills at all levels: managers with right levels of experience and future vision, project managers who can lead the ever increasing complexity, and professionals with the right levels of skills and competencies. Next - Van Bienema continues - it is of utmost importance for enterprises retaining its high potentials and talent as well retraining, and eventually reducing, the number of mediocre employees."
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G.J. Hondelink


25-10-2011 2:40 PM


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