Sometimes you temporarily need extra ICT knowledge and experience. It could be because of an organizational change, the completion of a special project or a temporary need for extra hands. Whatever the reason, our interim recruitment consultants are happy to assist you with this temporary position.


When we receive an interim assignment, of course we want to find the right candidate as quickly as possible. This often means that these positions are filled within a week or sometimes a few days. Speed in the (mediation) process is therefore the key word. For this reason, our consultants are specialized in this type of search and have an extensive network of interim candidates.

The hourly rates for an interim assignment vary per assignment and we communicate this transparently to you. We want to be a good sparring partner and share our market knowledge with you in this area of expertise as well.

We would gladly tell you more

Contact us via email at info@haselhoff.nl.


Our consultants

Hans Warmerdam
Ronald Kremers
Ralf Piepers
Tanya Sarrucco
Weis Seraj
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